NNW Schedule 2015

1. Online Application: 8th April – 7th May 2015

2. Selection Announcement: 15th May 2015

3. Online Pre-production: 25th May – 5th June 2015

4. NNW 2015 Workshop: 6th June – 14th June 2015


1. Nationality: Malaysia

2. Born between 1989 – 1999

3. Experience in making at least 1 short film, documentaries and/or videos

4. Busan International Film Festival—Asian Film Academy (AFA) alumni are not allowed to participate

5. No disqualifications for overseas travel

Application Material

1. Online Application Form

2. One previous short film in which the applicant acted as producer, director, writer, actor, cinematographer, production designer, editor, or sound designer (please send in the script if the language is non-English)

3. A one-minute (or less) self-introduction video of applicant (please subtitle in English if not presented in English)

4. Letter of Motivation, motivation for this application, self-introduction in relation to film work, and career plans in film industry in not more than 500 words

Application Check List

1. Complete Online Application Form


Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for queries.